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In this blog post, I write about a main reason people hate Sidney Crosby.

Unpopular opinion ahead?  I actually DON’T like dirty players that are on my team.  Not in a lying-to-myself kind of way, but in a real way.  I want to be able to be proud of my team.  I want to say that my guys won it because of hard work and determination, not cheating.  To be clear - a little hooking, a little holding - that’s the kind of “if you’re not cheating you’re not trying” I’m okay with.  What I mean is those players out to hurt others, those that dive, those that hit knee-on-knee, etc.

Examples?  I was stoked Heatley was traded.  Remember that elbow he did to Steve Ott behind the play that caused a PK and lost us the game?  Yeah, Ott’s a complete dick and deserved it, but that’s the kind of crap that makes me embarrassed.  I was FURIOUS when we traded to get Raffi Torres (though I can admit I DO see that he’s trying to clean up his act, I’m also hypersensitive to everything he does and am waiting for him to screw up).  Vlasic cross-checked a dude about 5 times right in front of my face in Game 3 and at first I thought it was awesome…. and then I was ashamed.  He’s been doing a lot of stuff like that lately and I don’t like it.

Is this a little too purist?  Probably.  I understand that one of the (many) reasons that the Sharks don’t go deep in the playoffs is because they aren’t dirty enough.  They call it loose in the playoffs, and good teams learn to react accordingly and push the line.  This season they were better about that.  But to me - that means you hold a little longer, hook a little harder, trip a little more.  You don’t slew-foot someone (I’m fucking looking at you Couture, we’ve already had words), you don’t board someone, and you don’t charge them.

I dislike Crosby not because I’m jealous.  I dislike Pronger not because I’m jealous.  I dislike Kesler not because I’m jealous.  I just think they’re dicks, and excepting Pronger - whiny ones at that.  They can stay on their team - I’ll take my team being able to look at themselves in the mirror.

Would you like Crosby on your team?

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Either David Stern has forgotten how to manipulate NBA results, or is setting us up for his greatest trick yet.

In this blog post, I write about a main reason people hate Sidney Crosby.


Baylor unveiled a whole bunch of new uniforms today. 

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Did they unveil an RGIV? Because otherwise …


Stop hittin yourself

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Now this is going to cause a buzz around NYC.

Hockey is the one sport where it’s not entirely rare to see an all-timer coach a team. Wayne Gretzky took his turn, of course, and Patrick Roy is the current head coach of the Colorado Avalanche.

I believe Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale is the only head coach/manager in either the NBA, NFL or MLB who enjoyed a Hall of Fame playing career.